XDM Serialization Use Case 5

Provide a human readable and editable format for XDM values

XDM Producers have no standard way of displaying results. Common implementations may display XDM results as space separated, newline separated, possibly sequence normalized text.

It is desirable that XDM Producers be able to produce XDM results in a text format which is unambiguous, human readable, editable, and comparable to other XDM Producers.


XDM Producer. An XQuery program which produces XDM values.

Human. A human reading, creating and editing values from XDM Producers.

Expected Result

It is expected that humans be able to read the output from different XDM Producers which produce the same XDM Values and manually be able to deduce and decypher the results. Humans should be able to manually edit serialized XDM with common text editors.


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