XDM Serialization Use Case 6

Output of XDM data from test cases using XDM Tools with the purposes of validation and compare

XDM Producers have no standard way of storing results. In particular, test cases and standards have no consistant way of publishing expected results.

It is desirable that XDM Producers be able to produce XDM results in a format which is comparable to XDM Standards.
Example, the XQuery standard may state the result of an operation is a particular XDM dataum. This should be able to be published as a canonical text format so that comparison with XQuery implementations can be validated against the expected output.

Different XQuery implementations should be able to produce the same canonical format so they may be compared to each other as well as the standards documentation.

By having a concrete canonical format implementations and standards can be compared objectively and automatically and not be left to interpretation of authors to determine if a in-memory format corresponds to the correct result.


XDM Producers. XQuery programs which produces XDM values.

XDM Standards. A standard which describes the expected result of XDM Producers.

Expected Result

It is expected that the production of XDM Producers be able to be compared to both other XDM Producers and to XDM Standards so that the validity of operations is discernible and provable.


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