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======XDM Serialization Use Case 1======

=====Exchange of XDM data between XDM Tools in different environments=====

An XDM Producer (for example XQuery) outputs XDM data that it would like to exchange with an XDM Consumer (for example XSLT) which is running in a different environment. Even if the the tools are from the same vendor they cannot directly exchange XDM data because the XDM representation is 'in memory' and cannot cross process boundries.

==XDM Producer==
An XQuery process which produces a sequences of nodes.
( <node1/> , <node2/> , 3 , "Text" )

==XDM Consumer==
An XSLT process which accepts a XDM value as a parmeter
<xsl:param name="list"/>

===Expected Use===
To pass the results from the XDM Producer to the XDM Consumer across environments, a text serialization is produced by the XDM Producer and the resulting file (or byte stream) is reconstituted in the environment of the XDM Consumer.

Example of a file based process
xquery -f query.xquery > result.txt
xslt -f style.xsl -param-name list -param-file result.txt


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