XDM Serialization Use Case 1

Exchange of XDM data between XDM Tools in different environments

An XDM Producer (for example XQuery) outputs XDM data that it would like to exchange with an XDM Consumer (for example XSLT) which is running in a different environment. Even if the the tools are from the same vendor they cannot directly exchange XDM data because the XDM representation is 'in memory' and cannot cross process boundries.


XDM Producer
An XQuery process which produces a sequences of nodes.
( <node1/> , <node2/> , 3  , "Text" )

XDM Consumer
An XSLT process which accepts a XDM value as a parmeter
<xsl:param name="list"/>

Expected Use

To pass the results from the XDM Producer to the XDM Consumer across environments, a text serialization is produced by the XDM Producer and the resulting file (or byte stream) is reconstituted in the environment of the XDM Consumer.

Example of a file based process
xquery -f  query.xquery > result.txt
xslt -f style.xsl  -param-name  list -param-file result.txt 


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