XDM Serialization Use Case 7

A format for use in XML Pipeline Processors so that steps can be implemented by different vendors or in different languages.

XML Pipeline Processors such as XProc and xmlsh pass XDM values between 'steps' in the pipeline. XProc, for example, passes 'sequence of documents' between steps, as well as input and output to the XProc pipeline as a whole.

Since there is no standardized format for representing 'sequence of documents' (which is a subset of XDM) as well as XDM in general, implementations of XProc must decide on proprietary formats for these. The result is that there is neither a common format for inputting or outputting data or for how the data is formatted between steps. This means that there is no vendor compatibility for either using pipeline processes or for implementing steps in pipeline processors.

If a vendor wishes to implement an extension step (or even a be used for a predefined step) for an XProc or other pipeline processor they need to implement vendor specific interfaces in order to be integrated into the pipeline processor.

If a developer or user wishes to integrate with XProc (or other XML pipeline processor) since there is no common way of supplying input or consuming output then each vendors implementation must be integrated differently.

Note that integrating *to* an XML Pipeline processor is equivilent to Use Case 1 and Use Case 2 so this use case is specific to implementing and integrating "steps" within a pipeline processor.


XML Pipeline Processor:
An XML Pipeline Processor coordinates an XML Transformation between "Steps". Each step can have XDM values (or a subset of XDM Values) input and output from that step.

XML Pipeline Processor Extension Step
Developers of an XML Pipeline Processor Extension Step need to be able to consume and produce XDM types (or a subset of XDM Types). If these are represented in a common format then step developers could produce steps which work in multiple implementations of Pipeline processors.

For example a producer of 'Validate with Schematron' should be able to write an XProc step that is usable within multiple vendors' XProc pipeline implementations.

Expected Result

A developer of an XML Pipeline Processor Extension Step should be able to write the step using non proprietary interfaces so they can be reused in multiple vendors implementations of the XML Pipeline Processor.


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