XDM Serialization Use Case 4

Exchange of XDM Data between XDM Tools and tools which are not XDM capible.

An XDM Producer produces XDM data and this needs to be read by tool which is not XDM capible.
For example an XQuery which produces a sequence that needs to be passed to an XSLT 1.0 transformation as its context node. The XSLT transform requires a single document node as input, but the XQuery is producing a sequence of nodes.

With a serialization format which appears as a Text Serialized XML Document, the XSLT transform can process the document and extract the XDM values as INFOSET values.


XDM Producer: An XQuery which produces a sequence.
<foo>bar</foo>,"text", 123

XDM Consumer: An implementation of an XSLT 1.0 processor which expects a single document as its root context.

Expected Use

Passing the results from the XDM Producer to the XDM Consumer is accomplished by wrapping the sequence in a XML Document conforming to a standardized schema. The XDM Consumer (XSLT) can then parse the XML Document and extract the XDM values treating them as infoset values.


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