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======XDM Serialization Use Case 4======

=====Exchange of XDM Data between XDM Tools and tools which are not XDM capible.=====

An XDM Producer produces XDM data and this needs to be read by tool which is not XDM capible.
For example an XQuery which produces a sequence that needs to be passed to an XSLT 1.0 transformation as its context node. The XSLT transform requires a single document node as input, but the XQuery is producing a sequence of nodes.

With a serialization format which appears as a Text Serialized XML Document, the XSLT transform can process the document and extract the XDM values as INFOSET values.

XDM Producer: An XQuery which produces a sequence.
<foo>bar</foo>,"text", 123

XDM Consumer: An implementation of an XSLT 1.0 processor which expects a single document as its root context.

===Expected Use===
Passing the results from the XDM Producer to the XDM Consumer is accomplished by wrapping the sequence in a XML Document conforming to a standardized schema. The XDM Consumer (XSLT) can then parse the XML Document and extract the XDM values treating them as infoset values.


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